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10 3 a new survey findd president obama is the winner... of the third presidential debate. debate.the galllp polll president won... and ttoseedebate watchers ney won. sampled... hey were split ovee who did theebest job on all three debates.46--ercent favoreddromney and 44-pprcent two-point margin of error. theewwshinggon oss haa announned it's backing president obama for a second with obama's first term... but better positioned than mitt romney to lead the goveenment onto sounder financial footing. meanwhiie....mitt romney the detroit news ann he nee york post on thurssay.the him wednesday.miner endorsed katy perry s making her ick forrpresident... a public state. statement.the pop sttr was form-fiiting dress during a concert wednesday... that looks a lot llke a pressdenttal bbllot. obama's name fillee in a box. performer to appear on the &pobama campaiin rail.just laa week... bruce sprinnsteen joineedffrmee preeident bill cliiton at a re-election campaign event in ohio. coming up on theeearly edition... ammricans killed ddring an attack innlibya. libya.the decisions made...
. donnld trump says he has an offer president obama can't refuse.the real estate mogul is ready to parr ith millions pf his own monny if presiddnt obama will haad over some personal records.but, what trump thought would be a "bombshell" hassturnnd inno a bit of aapunchline.joe johhs ex. &pexplainn. when donald trump-- who issa big mitt romney supporter -- announned on twitter that he wws going to make one of his big annoucements...there was immediate suspicion that what october surpriseewhich would or could damage rrsiidnt obama. but whee ttrmp's announcement came, it was not really a surprise at all, actuaaly trump made aa offer to the president. a bargain. "if barack obama opens up and gives hii college records and his passport applications and records i will give to a charityyof his choice a check million dollars.and why was trump doing this besides trying to attract attention? because he claimed... "preside traasparent president in the history of this countryathere's never been issue. when asked aboot it, aa pdvvsor said: direet those questions to boston because donald trumppi
3 3 3 3 first on fox... some 3 &p ,3 33 3 3 &p3 3 3 challenger mitt republican obama and republican 3 3 3 3 3& 3 3 3 3 first on fox... some internal documents from ciiy schools show crimes like having loaded weapons n school property,,.. ann assaults withh knives... areegoing police. joel d. mith is live in weet baltimore with the surprisiig amount of incidents and the reason wwy policy actuully makes the e - schools saferr good mmrning oel d. good mooning guys, .. the director of studdnt safety says zero tolerance is not the only way to deel wwth crimes in the schhols, so many crimees.. like actually finding a loaded 9 milimeter weapon here at carver high school... are going unreported to policee police.instead there is now an internal" in house referral system" that has pushed at least 144 casess of assaulttand 47 cases oo confiscated weapons away from law enforcement. fewee reported crimes could amount can keee a potentialll violent school oof the state's persistantly dangerous school list. the head of student &psafety n the city defends th pr
... president obama and mitt romney prepare to go at it... one more time. tonight's third aad finall pebate. 3((bre some good news today forr drivers... who need to fill upp thhir pump on the way to work. gas prices re down again... drooping 8-and-a-half cents in &p2 weeks.thh lundberg survey dollars-75..ere in maryland... ((ad lib meteorologist))5. 3 ((trafffccreporter 3 3 meteorologist))((ad lib meteorologiss)) 3 ((traffic reporterrad libs)) ad libs))((traffic reporter meteorologgst)) 33 3 peteorologist))((ad lib is 3-66.the aaerrge price here innmmryland... the average ((ad llb meteorolooist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) ((trafficcreporter ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 43 map 395 map fiber map &p3 3 3 &p3 p coming up... the ravens lose an ugly one in . houstonnthe silver lining fans mmy be able to find... innthe team's loss to the texans. last ccance the presidentiall - candddatee have to challenge each other's views... ((break 2)) - ellction day is just 15 days caadidates will have one last chance tonight to challenge face-to-face on national television..thena jones thh key toothe
thier campaingg nto high ck gear... by making the rounds tryynggtt win tte support of undecided voters.obama is on a two day campaign blitz accoss six battleground states. first.. a rally in iowa.. then to colorado, california... and a rooney campaigns in nevada and , iowa. polls show the candidates are neck ann neck with some key swing states favoring mitt romneyy.. others president obama. 3&a new "b-b-c worlddserricc" woold got to vote in our presideetial electioo... &ppresideet obama wouud win by landsllde.the poll... which surveyed 20 thousand eople in p peeccnt favored itt romney. - country... while pakisttn wass the only ro-romney country. the death of a maryland teenager haa an eneegy drink company on the defensive.anais gessler explains... the f-d-a is now investigating a weedy crrssland, mothhr: (wttg))""t's just ommthing yyu nnver wanna go throuuh." wendy crossland is coming up on the one- year anniversary of losing her daughter, anaiss wendy crrsssand, mother: (wttg) "she was gasping for air. she waa making thesee awful noises. she had no &ppulse, but her heart was stii an
that president obama as found that pisraeli] rime minister petanyahu is willing to go that rrutee'' benjamin supported a two--tate solution palestiiian couutry ould be demiliiarizeddnetanyahu sayy: "i wwnt to make ittclear that we do not want to govern the pplestinians. we wann to liie in peace with thhm, we want them to ggvern themselves, absent a haadful of powers of issael." carter's &ptensiin between israel and h u-s is already high ... with president obama denying netanyahu's rrquest for a full schhdule... amid ga diiagreemmnts on howwto andle pran's nuclear program. should eedrawn right here. before ran ompletes the seconn stage of nnclear enrichment necessary to make a is in the region with a group - known aas"the elders." the delegation, which includes other oomer world leaders, met withhboth pplestinian presideet mahmoud aabas and israeli president shimon peres over the past two dayy. in nnw york, chris hoenng, fox &pnews. a roup of 6 itallan scientists ann a former governorrare sentenced to jail time... for underestimating the risks f an earth
to - today....about president obama. the business tycoon has been teasing it oo facebook, twitter and several newss outlees.trump... who's been a very vocal supporter of mitt romney... hassbeen a huge critic ffpresident obama... challenging the validity of the president's birth certificate.his announceemnt on facebook and twitter. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... findiig the magic of baltimore.disney on ice nats natsstay tuned for your chance toowinntickett... to a show at first mariner rena. thh ravens defense... promises tt live up to its legaay.the vow players re making... aater a dramatic loss inn houston. ((break 3)) houston. (([ female nouncer ] there are lots of different ways to say get well to your loved ones. ♪ this came for you, mommy. [ female announcer ] but it takes the touch of kleenex® brand, america's softest tissue, to turn a gesture into a complete gift of care. [ barks ] send your own free kleenex® care pack... full of soothing essentials at kleenex®. america's softest tissue. at 3 of the presidential electton. election.the alloweennsal
moor choices for consumers. -- which mmans kkrin caifa, ann you're now 3coming up... prrsident obama piiks up a majoo endorsement. endorsement..he major paper thoseethht have decided to go with mitt rommey. bth - fabricating jobswe've bben closely scrutinizing the &pemployment data isssed by thee bureau of labor statistics. there was a bb the bureau of labor employmeet ddta issued closeey jobsbtt - fabbiiating scrutinizing thh employment data isssud by the bureau of labor statistics. there wassa the integrity of bls. but in 2012 funny thingssbegaa to happen. in jaauary more than one and a quarter mmllion porkers were removed from thh labor had the effect of reducing the unnmployment rate.many haae questioned the hooesty of the bls data. this summer, the ggllup polling 30,000 adults eaah month,, noted thaa bls repprts didn't matth real world dataathe 7.8% september was completely unbelievable. in a slowing economy we were told september employment gainn in us unbelievable.a ouple of weeks ago, bs reporred weekly joblees claims had fallen to 339,000, theelowest level s
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8